Nov 26

How to Get Higher Email Open Rates

With the compartmentalisation of the new Gmail inbox, marketers have seen a lower open rate than ever before.  To some, this new feature has signalled the death of email marketing.  Of course, this day has been coming for a long time, ever since Spam filters were invented to be exact.  But just as with Spam […]

Nov 20

Is Social Media the Blanket Answer for All Business Marketing Needs?

When it comes to businesses and online marketing in the modern era, there seems to be one resounding piece of advice that pops up everywhere you turn: social media marketing.  But can every business fit under this one umbrella?  Surely no other marketing avenue or strategy has ever universally worked before, so why should social […]

Nov 15

Is Your Business Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

The Internet sits poised on the edge of a mobile revolution and unfortunately, only 5% of world’s websites are designed, developed and optimized properly for mobile business.  This includes not only small businesses, but medium and large businesses alike.  This is despite the fact that research shows that by 2016, mobile searches will account for […]

Sep 28

Get The Hard Numbers on How Website Speed Affects Your Conversion Rates

For anyone who thinks that conversions are all about lead generation and SEO content marketing, think again.  The entire marketing work-flow on a website is a much bigger, complicated animal than that.  What’s worse is that one of the biggest factors in conversions is not only overlooked by webmasters—it’s not even known.  We’re talking, of […]

Aug 31

Increase your Local Presence with Website Design for Small Businesses

When it comes to small businesses operating online, it’s all about the local presence.  When you increase your local presence, you increase your business and the way to go about doing the first thing is to get better web design.  Yes, you’ve probably heard about the social media and SEO crazes and while true, they […]