Nov 15

Is Your Business Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

The Internet sits poised on the edge of a mobile revolution and unfortunately, only 5% of world’s websites are designed, developed and optimized properly for mobile business.  This includes not only small businesses, but medium and large businesses alike.  This is despite the fact that research shows that by 2016, mobile searches will account for 27.8 billion more queries than desktop and laptop searches according to the BIA/Kelsey report.

For the average small business owner, this means that local searches are going to get more and more important. This is because browsing on mobile devices is typically done while outdoors and in close proximity of your establishment.  Whether it’s on iPads, iPhones, Androids or tablets, your consumers are going to be looking for—and making purchases from—you on their mobile devices.  Unfortunately, the website that you have now might not show up properly in a mobile browser if it’s not specifically designed and optimized to do so.

This could cause you to lose significant portions of your business.

Designing a Mobile Website for Small Businesses

There are three ways that your small business website can be designed to be ready for the mobile revolution.  The mobile web design and development company you choose will be better able to explain which one is right for your particular niche, but here’s a general overview:

  1. Responsive Web Design (RWD) RWD aligns the layout of a web page specifically based on the viewing area size of the device it is being seen upon.  It does this by relying on CSS3 media queries.  This allows you to keep the same HTML coding because it will become compatible no matter the device—the website becomes responsive to the size of the tablet, mobile device, laptop or desktop the user is operating.Since all of your web content and HTML will be the same, you can present a uniform website across all mediums.  Plus, the URL will not change no matter the device, making it easier to share links and content across multiple devices.
  2. Dedicated Mobile Sites Dedicated mobile sites are simply websites that are created entirely for mobile viewing.  This makes it easy to manage because you can make changes to your standard business website and make other changes for your mobile business website.Some businesses really prefer this because they’re able to tap into local and geocentric marketing, for example, offering deals to people who are in the vicinity of their brick and mortar store by updating the dedicated mobile site and not the main website.  This also allows your website to be completely designed and developed for driving sales on mobile devices—something that is very different than driving sales on a desktop.
  3. Res Web Design with Server Side Components (RESS) This hybrid method of mobile web design for small businesses provides customized HTML coding and CSS for various devices.  This coding is done on the server-side.  This means that the coding that reaches out to mobile users will be different than the HTML coding that pops up for desktop browsers.This type of website design methodology works best when combined with RWD, effectively boosting the performance of both websites and in turn, your business and sales.

The Revolution Will Be Mobilized
Professional web developers and designers specializing in mobile websites for small businesses can help steer you in the right direction based on your needs and goals.  For eCommerce, there are a wide variety of options that will allow you to increase your sales while tracking your customers to get better metrics and analytics—in turn increasing your sales again.

Of course, this is only for the type of business owner who wants to see a higher return on their investment by increasing their presence and accessibility on the web.  Your customers are out there looking for you right now – if you want them to find you, click here to contact us and join the revolution.