However, it’s much easier said than done. Setting up an e-commerce site that is not only visually appealing to your customers, but is also easily managed over the long haul is a daunting task. Just the mere thought of creating hundreds or thousands of unique product descriptions and integrating with a plethora of third-party payment processing systems is enough to give even seasoned business owners a pounding headache….not to mention worrying about logistics (tax, shipping, etc.) and marketing (SEO, advertising, etc.).

That’s where we come in. We use an advanced eCommerce solution called WooCommerce. It’s universally recognised as one of the most flexible and easy-to-manage platforms in existence.

It builds upon the powerful features of Wordpress and enables you to set up, design, optimise, and manage enterprise-grade eCommerce websites….all without the extensive coding and development required by other complex platforms.

Our seasoned WooCommerce specialists will handle the entire process for you from design to set up and even ongoing management….but we’re confident that with just a little bit of training for yourself (or your staff), you’ll be more than able to manage every aspect of the site on your own.

WooCommerce Enterprise-level features and security.

There are many reasons we LOVE working with WooCommerce and our clients can’t get enough of it. Here are just a few of them:


Fully audited by external security firms to ensure your website meets the highest standards in existence.

Advanced tax & shipping

Create your own custom shipping classes and rules and also configure tax classes and local tax rates.

Marketing campaigns

Set up and run a range of customer - friendly promotions everything from discount options to usage limits and even product/user restrictions.


From daily sales reports by product or category, you’ll always stay in the know about how your online business is performing.

Comprehensive store

Easily manage all your products and services using the user-friendly interface.


Comes fully-optimised to help your business get found in all major search engines (hint: your customers are already searching!)

Fully audited by external security firms to ensure your website meets the highest standards in existence, quickly import products using CSV files, offer dynamic pricing for bulk discounts, pull instant shipping rates from USPS and UPS, accept recurring payments, etc.

The best thing about WooCommerce is that not only is it flexible and scalable to meet your business needs today and tomorrow, but it is

completely built on your own website – eliminating the need entirely for relying on third-party services.

You control your own destiny and with WooCommerce, customising every aspect of your eCommerce store is as easy as downloading extensions or plugins – saving you lots of time and money over the long run.


Let us help you set up, optimise, and manage your online store – we’ll craft a tailored solution for your one-of-a-kind products and services!

Our Happy Clients

"Infinity has been an exceptional resource for quality WordPress development and continues to impress me with their attention to detail & fast service."

Troy Dean