Email Marketing Posts

Mar 14

How Does Having a Blog on My Website Help My Traffic?

Google loves change. It penalises websites that are static, remaining the same for long periods of time. There are millions of websites that still exist that are dormant – in many cases, they have not been touched in years. Google (and for that matter Bing and Yahoo) know that these sites provide little value to […]

Nov 4

How Often Should Advertising Emails be Sent Out?

This question is somewhat like the internet version of “How long is a piece of string?” There is no cut and dried answer. It all depends on your business and your clients. The frequency of sending advertising emails and newsletters can be a hotly debated topic. You need to test how your subscribers react to […]

Nov 26

How to Get Higher Email Open Rates

With the compartmentalisation of the new Gmail inbox, marketers have seen a lower open rate than ever before.  To some, this new feature has signalled the death of email marketing.  Of course, this day has been coming for a long time, ever since Spam filters were invented to be exact.  But just as with Spam […]