Internet Posts

Feb 13

How Often Should I Update My Website?

You have a website, maybe it’s brand new; maybe it’s been online for a while.  You have decided on the information that you want to show on it, and you have created the pages that provide that important information. You’re on the web, part of the digital age. Your customers and interested visitors will flock […]

Oct 14

What do You Think the Internet Will Offer in 5 Years?

The internet will continue to grow in its importance over the next five years. Think back five years and remember how much things have changed in that time. Five years ago, the Internet was slower, a less-essential part of our everyday lives, less colourful, and there was definitely less video. Five years ago, we obtained […]

Jul 31

What Makes a Great Website? A 5-Step Guide

Look around the internet. You will find some great sites out there, ones that stand out from the crowd, and have a real “wow” factor. Then there are the also-rans! There are still sites that epitomise the worst of 1990s design fashion. Unfortunately, there are also too many sites that in all reality have no […]

Apr 12

Google to Become More Mobile-Friendly

The latest update from Google places a greater emphasis on ensuring that people who make searches using mobile devices receive results showing mobile-friendly web pages. If you are reading this post before April 21st, 2015, that is the date that Google’s changes go live (or when they went live if you are reading this later). […]

Mar 24

The Importance of Having an About Us Page

Many people and businesses think that having an About Us page is a bit of fluff that is only there because everyone else has one. Why do we need an About Us page you might ask? People know who we are – that’s why they picked our site! I don’t want everyone to know all about me. My life’s personal! […]