Search Engine Optimisation Posts

Mar 14

How Does Having a Blog on My Website Help My Traffic?

Google loves change. It penalises websites that are static, remaining the same for long periods of time. There are millions of websites that still exist that are dormant – in many cases, they have not been touched in years. Google (and for that matter Bing and Yahoo) know that these sites provide little value to […]

Feb 13

How Often Should I Update My Website?

You have a website, maybe it’s brand new; maybe it’s been online for a while.  You have decided on the information that you want to show on it, and you have created the pages that provide that important information. You’re on the web, part of the digital age. Your customers and interested visitors will flock […]

Oct 5

How to Interpret Basic Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a wealth of very useful information about the performance of your website. Although all sites can freely access this information, you do have to sign up for the service first. If you have not already signed your website up for Google Analytics, there are clear instructions on how to do so provided […]

Jul 20

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website

You have a website that makes you proud. Now you have it, you believe that everybody is going to flock to it and you are rapidly going to become a millionaire. Well … maybe. The reality is that it is hard work to build up a successful website. Depending on what your aims are, there […]

Apr 12

Google to Become More Mobile-Friendly

The latest update from Google places a greater emphasis on ensuring that people who make searches using mobile devices receive results showing mobile-friendly web pages. If you are reading this post before April 21st, 2015, that is the date that Google’s changes go live (or when they went live if you are reading this later). […]