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Nov 16

What’s So Great About WordPress?

Maybe you are looking for a brand new website. Perhaps you are unhappy with your existing website and want to try something new. There are a number of different ways to build your website. One option is to create a WordPress site. However, why would you want to have a WordPress website? Isn’t that just […]

Oct 28

How to Prevent Your Website from Being Hacked

There are people in the cyber world who take great delight in hacking into websites, to do as much damage as they can. Often they do not do the dirty work themselves – they set up robotic scripts to do the hacking for them. Even if your website is small and new, it is a […]

Jul 1

7 Things Your Website Is Missing

Perhaps you have an existing website that seems to be going nowhere. Maybe you have a brand new site, that you want to make sure will perform as well as possible, outdoing your competitors. Whatever your personal situation, there are some features common to all successful websites. To succeed, you need to ensure that there […]

Mar 30

Is a Facebook Page Beneficial to Your Business?

One of the most commonly quoted maxims of modern business life is “you need to have a Facebook page if you want to survive in the 21st Century. All of your customers are on Facebook, you need to be there too”.  Is this such a cut and dry rule, though? Does every business truly need a […]