Different screen sizes. Same stunning design.

Gone are the days of customers accessing your website while chained to their desks. Global mobile data traffic rose 70% in 2012, with forecasts showing massive growth every year. Your visitors are interacting with your brand across more devices than ever - and it's important your website welcomes them with open arms.

We create what's known as responsive designs, where your website automatically expands and contracts to optimise displays across all device sizes. This way, it doesn't matter how your customers come across your website - they'll instantly recognise your distinctive look and feel as soon as the screen loads up.


Content management so simple, it really is monkey work.

Nothing is more frustrating than struggling to update your website’s content - especially when your customers expect it to be fresh and relevant. We believe managing your content should be simple and straightforward – something you can do yourself without the help of coders and "tekkies".

That's why all of our websites are built with Wordpress - the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS).

It's superb in all areas, from ease-of-administration to built-in search engine optimisation to future-proof extendibility, allowing us to deliver feature-rich websites without the disadvantages of building and maintaining custom web applications.

When it's time for your website refresh, we can focus on what matters - designing and developing a new "theme", instead of building an entire custom framework from scratch.

This allows us to pass the savings along to you - and you'll appreciate the flexibility and convenience of updating your content with just a few mouse-clicks... without having to depend on third-party IT support.


    No need to hire IT support to update and manage your content - Wordpress's intuitive, user-friendly interface lets you easily add, edit, and remove content within moments. It’s never been easier to keep your content fresh and relevant for your customers.


    Need to add a blog page, store, or custom application to your website? No need for an expensive redesign or custom development from scratch... chances are, there’s probably an existing plug-in you can simply "snap on" to your website that gives you what you need.


    Think of Wordpress like a well-built house - rather than having to demolish and rebuild every time you want to remodel, you can simply use the same foundation and overlay a new design or functionality on top of it. Sleep easy knowing your website can keep up with your business.


Search engine love equals more potential customers

With more people searching for your products and services on search engines than ever before, you’re going to want to make sure it's easy for them to find you.

Our websites leverage state-of-the-art SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) technologies to ensure your website is tweaked for maximum visibility and, as our SEO engineers like to call it, "crawl-ability".

Just another example of how our website designs focused on real-world business results - not just a fancy makeover.

The icing on the cake

  • Enterprise Grade Analytics

    Be in the know when it comes to what matters to your online business - how many visitors, what they did, where they came from, and how many ultimately converted into sales.

  • Enhanced Security

    We offer affordable retainer packages to routinely update and monitor your website for security risks. We'll fix them immediately when we spot a concern.

  • Reliable Web Hosting

    Our dedicated, business-class web servers in Sydney ensure blazing fast load times so your visitors are never left waiting.

  • Superhero Support

    Call us and speak to a live person dedicated to your happiness. We'll go above and beyond to support you today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.


Let us help you set up, optimise, and manage your website – we’ll craft a tailored solution for your one-of-a-kind products and services!

Our Happy Clients

"Infinity Web Development produced an exceptional standard of work, met all expectations and was both professional and easy to work with during the course of the project. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a quality Web developer."

Matthew Fleming, VEC Civil Engineering.