• WordPress Theme Development

    Taking your design and turning it into a lightweight, fully functioning WordPress theme. Often including WooCommerce, membership systems or custom development for a complete solution.

  • WooCommerce Development

    Setting up WooCommerce stores, integrations, advice on payment and shipping providers, custom plugin development and ongoing maintenance to keep your store in great shape!

  • Custom Plugin Development

    Bridging gaps between plugins, integrating with APIs, creating automation between business systems.

Full Websites

We design websites only a mother could love 😊 Never fear, if you require a full website we’ll introduce you to an amazing agency partner, who design pretty sites everyone loves! They’ll understand your business objectives, help with content and photography, work with you on the design and 'outsource' the development back to us; giving you one agency to work with, while getting the benefit of specialist designers & specialist developers.

We've been involved in projects for companies including:

Millions of dollars

of projects successfully delivered

  • E-Commerce, CRM and high traffic reliability
  • Thousands of custom WordPress sites built
  • Security and performance focused
  • If we aren't available or the project isn't suitable, we won't take it on

Founder: Matt Rochow

  • 21 years of HTML, CSS and JavaScript experience; started making (terrible) sites when he was 12!
  • 15 years as a full-time developer
  • 13 years dedicated to WordPress
  • 11 years experience with WooCommerce

Matt is one of those guys who grew up doing everything with computers. From programming to building computers, server management, migrating emails, security, crypto - if it involves technology he's across it.

The Infinity Team

  • 3 front-end developers with over a decade of experience
  • 2 back-end developers with over a decade of experience
  • 2 project managers

We love our small, tight-knit team. There is enough capacity to handle project ebbs and flows, consistently deliver for clients despite illness and holidays, while maintaining a steady flow of interesting projects.

Case Study

Channel Seven
- Upfronts 2021

Upfronts is the annual event for Channel Seven where their new shows and schedule for the year are announced for advertisers and the media. With thousands of visitors watching the event live stream, and standard large company headaches (gathering content from multiple divisions, shooting teaser videos, having content ready to go for publishing after the live stream, while having to keep the headline shows under wraps), it was a high intensity project. There is no room for mistakes when you’re making last minute edits straight on a live site with thousands of viewers coming on!

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Case Study


Globetrotting run horse riding holidays in 24 countries around the world. Business has grown exponentially and the model of manually handling new bookings, payments, getting their required information, creating spreadsheets, handling availability, has become a time intensive and costly affair. We worked with them to build a new site along with automating the processes, allowing customers to book and manage their booking online, with lots of built in automations and reporting.

This was a large project that between planning, development and comprehensive testing took nearly a year to launch.

The objective was to allow users to find and book rides in real-time, allow a scalable system to save staff time manually handling bookings, freeing them to spend more time helping customers and answering potential customer questions.

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Case Study

OT Sketch

OT Sketch is a 3D Software as a Service application to support Occupational Therapists to create disability housing plans.

We took a holistic role in the project and have been involved from inception to post-launch. This includes consulting on technical stack, server setup, user management, payment integrations through to post-launch error monitoring.

Our key development involved configuring Stripe to process monthly and yearly payments of a varied amount of users. We also setup a CMS called Lavarel for a customised user/group dashboard area, whereby organisations could manage their own Occupational Therapist’s access to the software. Lastly, we developed the web design visible at otsketch.com

Being a intricate 3D application used by a wide array of users. It was our focus to implement a modern, yet accessible and robust web application. OT Sketch launched in 2023 and is seeing success as a company, whilst contributing to making meaningful changes in people’s lives.

Don't just take our word for it

Over 921 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ projects completed on Codeable in the past six years

Matt exceeded my expectations of what I thought would even be possible with the site. He was open to adding small additional problems as they popped up, and maintained constant contact throughout the entire project. I'll definitely be hiring Matt again for future work. Chris Dyer
Love working with Matt. Very capable and trustworthy developer - clearly understands my needs and gets the task completed without my intervention. Highly recommended. Roger Lewis
Matthew was an absolute god-send! Fast, friendly, and very professional. I have a feeling I'll be asking for his help again sooner than later. Jennifer Douglas
Matt as been an exceptional resource for quality WordPress development and continues to impress me with his attention to details and fast service. Nick Ludwig
Matt is a great developer who really goes above and beyond with his work. He is a good communicator and super helpful. I highly recommend him and hope to work with him again soon. Katie Cleary
First time using Matthew and we were not disappointed. We hired him for consultancy but he went above and beyond and just did the work him self, while staying in frequent contact with us. Clear communication and solid competency. Will definitely use again! Øyvind-A Emanuelsen

Let's get in touch

Being a small distributed team, we work in a 'digital age' process. As we're an established company a majority of our work is from existing clients and we take on a select range of new, interesting projects we know we can knock out of the park!

We excel at delivering fixed scope, fixed price work with pretty accurate timeframes. Our team allows us to work on multiple projects each day, and handle urgent tasks for current clients while projects continue to be worked on to meet deadlines.

With multiple project managers, email is our primary communication tool. For stages of a project where there are a bunch of topics to cover we’re happy to do a planned online meeting.

To be transparent the flip-side of this distributed, structured approach is under no circumstances do we answer unscheduled phone calls. If your working style revolves around calling or instant messaging off the cuff rather than sending thought out emails we won't be a good match unfortunately.

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