Mobile Posts

Apr 12

Google to Become More Mobile-Friendly

The latest update from Google places a greater emphasis on ensuring that people who make searches using mobile devices receive results showing mobile-friendly web pages. If you are reading this post before April 21st, 2015, that is the date that Google’s changes go live (or when they went live if you are reading this later). […]

Nov 15

Is Your Business Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

The Internet sits poised on the edge of a mobile revolution and unfortunately, only 5% of world’s websites are designed, developed and optimized properly for mobile business.  This includes not only small businesses, but medium and large businesses alike.  This is despite the fact that research shows that by 2016, mobile searches will account for […]

Aug 31

Increase your Local Presence with Website Design for Small Businesses

When it comes to small businesses operating online, it’s all about the local presence.  When you increase your local presence, you increase your business and the way to go about doing the first thing is to get better web design.  Yes, you’ve probably heard about the social media and SEO crazes and while true, they […]

Jan 27

Why Your eCommerce Store Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

As consumers spend less time unplugged from the Internet thanks to the rise of smartphones, it’s become quite clear that small businesses that have mobile eCommerce sites set up are poised to crush their competition.  This is thanks in part to the total number of smartphone users set to rise from 44% in 2012 to […]