Nov 16

What’s So Great About WordPress?

Maybe you are looking for a brand new website. Perhaps you are unhappy with your existing website and want to try something new. There are a number of different ways to build your website.

One option is to create a WordPress site.

However, why would you want to have a WordPress website? Isn’t that just an easy way to put a blog together? Can you make a serious website with WordPress?

In 2014, the Manage WP blog compiled some statistics relating to WordPress usage. These figures are staggering, and since that post was written these numbers can only have grown. Some of their key findings were:

  • There are 74.6 million WordPress sites – a staggering figure!
  • 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs are managed using WordPress, including the New York Times, CNN, Mashable, and eBay
  • There are 29,000 WordPress plugins (and developers create more every day)
  • The most popular type of WordPress site is actually a business site, not a personal blog.

So what’s so great about WordPress? Why is it so popular?

Firstly, WordPress sites can be set up relatively easily. You can choose to make them look very basic if that is what you want. That is probably how they initially became the blogger’s platform of choice. However, there are numerous options that can make WordPress websites very sophisticated. With our assistance, you can easily have custom design templates that give your site the exact look and feel that you want it to have.

There are thousands of existing theme templates available, from the everyday limited-function free templates to sophisticated specialist templates. There is also a full range of plug-ins available to give even more functionality. WordPress websites can contain nearly everything that is imaginable in a website.

There is no compulsion to have a blog on a WordPress website. You can create a fully functional website with everything you want without any mention of a blog. However, because it started off as a blogging platform, if you do want a blog, WordPress provides the best blogging platform on the market. Writing and formatting blog posts are incredibly simple, and they automatically rank for SEO, working in very well with Google and Bing.

It is easy to monetise a WordPress site using a plugin like WooCommerce. Many businesses have set up online stores using the WordPress / WooCommerce combination. It is more straightforward to update product stocks and descriptions in a WordPress site compared to many bespoke websites, or sites created in other CRM platforms like Joomla or Drupal.

Allied with this, all the main CRMS packages now connect to and can function with WordPress sites.

It is easy to set up a membership area of a site. Choose a good plugin and you know that you have a secure place for your members to go, without any worry of other people piggy-backing or freeloading on the site.

With 74.6 million websites, WordPress can now be considered a de facto standard, and, as a result, there are many web hosts happy to host WordPress sites. You can easily move a WordPress site from one host to another. There are clear procedures for you to follow should you need to do so.

You can quickly add media – images, audio and video, to your posts and pages. WordPress recognises that the internet is a very visual place nowadays and makes it incredibly easy to display and share audiovisual media.

WordPress sites are automatically mobile-friendly and work well with devices ranging from the smallest smartphones up to the largest digital televisions.

WordPress sites are designed to be SEO-friendly. You can choose from a couple of common plugins, for instance, WordPress SEO by Yoast or All In One SEO plugin, which work closely with the search engines. These ensure that your site will appear in the organic search results if you follow the plug-ins’ recommendations.

There are times when you might want a custom-designed website to meet a particular need. We at Infinity Web Development will happily create a custom site for you. However, in many cases a WordPress site will give you good results, at a fraction of the cost. We are also happy to design a custom theme that will meet your unique needs. We will recommend what we believe to be the best plug-ins for your particular site.

Remember, there is not a “one size fits all solution” to website design, but WordPress is about as close as you will get.